Hello everyone! I am Mohit Bansal, a Computer Science Engineer based of New Delhi, India, and I am a philomath. I like advocating for Open Source Technologies, concerns for Data privacy and loves to learn. I love to learn everything and Everyone is a teacher or source of knowledge for me. But still, Physics, mathematics and Computers fascinates me the most. I am a Learner in general and my daily jobs includes, reading, writing and learning throughs, books, videos, blogs and Code.

It is said, we all are the average of 5 persons, we spend our time with. To find more about me, check out my social media profiles and the books I have read so far.


Yes, a philomath. A single word that describes me and my thirst for knowledge. Philomath originates from combining 2 greek words, “Philos and “math” that means, “lover of learning” or “knowledge seeker”.


I am multi-lingual and can speak a lot of languages, ranging from human comprehensible to computer languages. I can speak Hindi, English and understands a little bit of Espanol. I am also capable to read and write, C, C++, Python computer languages and can also talk Linux jargon with you.

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I am digitally omnipresent and can be contacted anywhere, as long as the context matters. Following are my profiles that can be used to contact: