This Is CS50!

Hello World! I am Mohit and a Philomath. Last Year, when I was in my sophomore Year, I learned about what MOOCs (Massive On-line Open Courses) are and the portals like Edx. This blog post is about my experience of CS50 course available for free on Edx by Harvard and Yale University and me.

The best thing about MOOC that I loved are: 1. They are free of cost. 2. Anyone can enroll in any course and access them anywhere. 3. There is not any age restriction to learn something. 4. Vast number of On-line courses available and even by most notable institution which far away from our home.


Last Summer, I enrolled in one of the course named CS50x on Edx. CS50 is an on-campus and on-line introductory course on computer science by Harvard University and, as of 2015, Yale University.

The course was too good and they explained everything from basics of programming to marvels of Internet and website development. The course is guided by Professor David J. Malan at Harvard University. The course unlike several other courses which I joined later on, has various projects and psets (programming assignments) to complete (which are not so easy) to pass the course with a certificate.

About Me!

Being my first MOOC, I loved the experience. It introduced me to the marvels of computer world. The course helps to relate programming with real world and this is what grasp my attention, the analogy. Then they introduce us to a very indispensable part of all developers, GIT (a version control system, If you don’t know about it, don’t worry, the course is beginner friendly)

But being honest, I never completed it. Since the course is 12-week course and requires commitment to it and like most of us due to the lack of Time Management (the most important skill). I dropped the plan to complete it.

This year, in my summer vacations I am determined to complete all their problem set and even submit my final project. I will get to you all when I will complete all my projects and problem sets and this would be soon enough, you know why, because I learned Pomodoro Technique at #dgplug.